Acrylic Portraits

A series of portraits that started at an important turning point of my life, it always features my faithful dog Flecha, and beside her those people that I love the most, people that inspire me or have taught me a good life lesson.

Endangered Species

Special series dedicated to these kinds of animals. The foundations who work to protect them will be rewarded with the benefits collected when the pictures are sold. Permission sought.


Wherever there’s birds, there’s life..


A series of Landscapes that I find beautiful and in a way, quite meaningful.


Some of them are inspired by romantic places that I like or have been to, others have kindly been commissioned.

Still Life

A series of Still Life paintings, mainly live nature that surrounds me and that I take time to care for it as it fills me with good vibes

Abstract & recycled

Also a new set of abstract paintings done with paint leftovers that I prevent from ending in the water pipes, using a sustainable system when both painting and cleaning materials.