Marian Ramirez Paynter is my real name, I’m a Spanish born half British artist who graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University in 2006, and has worked for editorial magazines mostly and mainly for Revista Hola and UK based Hello! Magazine in Madrid, where I gained a sound training of the eye.

Although my core creativity has been related to photography and selecting or editing the work of other photographers, I have spent a considerable amount of time traveling and portraying beautiful scenery myself. Also,  I have released part of my creativity through the love of music, shooting videos and taking pictures of every concert or gig I have attended, because yes, and I’m not sorry to say that I love music in most of its shapes.

Since 2019, I’m happily gone back to my roots, which are mainly painting, and learning new techniques using Illustrator, or procreate to design digital portraits or design posters for Pinta y Cata.

In the recent times I have acc0 a master to become a High school Art teacher, I also take teach classic painting and digital art techniques (iPad, procreate or illustrator) privately, at my own studio and or at students homes. 

I’m also proud of having received a grant to study Sustainability, at Cambridge Judge University, awarded by Banco Santander, that I have enjoyed and finished with an overall grade of 96,2% out of 100. I’m applying all the knowledge I’ve have learned to my painting process very much inspired by how we pollute water in many ways, our clothes to start with and the colours used to dye them.

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