Haarlem bound!

Got to visit this beautiful city and you can read all about it here👉🏼ART NOTES

Yes!!! I did it again!!! I wrote a new post about Amsterdam!

About an amazing day spent at the Rijksmuseum!!! ART NOTES

Manolo Romero, this mind-boggling charming man!

Right after painting my Dad in April, a painting that has received some beautiful comments, for me it has been a great success that has turned into more fruitful commissions such as the one I’m presenting today. A new painting for Manolo Romero, a good family friend.

We (my family) know how special Manolo is, his passion for art, poetry and birds that we all have inherited in a way. We grew up spending many weekends in Nayagua, Jose Hierro’s countryside home learning from the most creative minds, thanks to Manolo who was happily married to Marga, one of Pepe Hierro’s daughters..

Manolo has always seen the art in a person, he has always encouraged us, my siblings, Jaime and Edu to learn music, poetry, literature or to paint, specially in my case, when we only had one landline phone at home and I would answer (waiting for a boyfriend to call!) but instead what I got was his powerful voice telling me to work at a radio station (Too shy for that), or to pursue the dream of drawing to become an artist due to my sensitivity..

So if you ever wonder why I studied Fine Art, this is the guy to blame!

We miss him a lot since he left for Cordova but still, we have the perfect excuse to visit him there as well! And I can say he’s a walking encyclopaedia who will enlighten your life with amazing stories told in the most delightful way.

Manolo Romero 2023

Acrylic on Canvas 

My experience at the Van Gogh Museum!!

And what I learned about him!

Have you ever been inside a great artist’s house?

I have recently visited Rembrandt’s Huis so if you wish to learn about my experience, do check the following link ART NOTES


Life got productive lately

Life has been hectic lately and I’m currently processing everything (yes! Mercury retrograde is here..), lots of notes on art, new paintings, specially portraits that I can wait to show you!  I’ve even been a bit YouTuber with Arturo Geometría, studying the ins and outs of technical drawing but.. here I am again, after producing comes editing and showcasing! Please stay tuned meanwhile as I even got to see the Vermeer´s exhibition in Amsterdam!!

On the 20th of April my dad, Papi as we dearly call him, made it to a huge milestone in life, becoming and celebrating 80 years.

I have always praised him as a hard worker, as the man he truly is due to the huge inspiration he means to us.. a teenager who left his hometown at the age of 15, to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. And of course he did, and he did well, working for 43 years at a very well known hospital, La Paz in Madrid.

It was an honour to create this artwork, in very little time, another acrylic on canvas (As yes, I am keen on sustainable and ecological paint).. ready for more now! Feel free to ask for commissions, my rates are still affordable 😉.

Antonio Ramirez Cano 

55x46cm Acrylic on Canvas 2023


PS: if you want to learn about Santos Sainz, an incredible surrealist painter check this link out ART NOTES

Incredible Women who changed the world

A series of women ahead of time, born in different circumstances and places around the world.

All Artworks measure 55x46cm. Acrylic on canvas.

All rights reserved, 2023.

From Hypatia of Alexandria, a Neoplatonist philosopher and astronomer.. the first female mathematician -who we keep records of- a great teacher.. to Manuela Malasaña, a teenager who was killed by the French invasion in 1808, or Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron who invented the first computing system.. 

Last but not least, Clara Campoamor, a lady lawyer who made it possible for women to vote in Spain and Rosa Parks, civil rights activist in a world that had to fight racism, and unfortunately, still does have to break barriers to fit a respectable place on earth.

Latest artworks available via info@payntersartclub.com

Price list

Unique artworks, one copy per each
  • Birds 250
  • Streets 300
  • Landscapes 300
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Our latest date at Pinta y Cata was super fun, we had both adults and children exploring their creativity, adapting to all ages, and levels. 

No previous experience is required, you just need to want to explore your creative side, in a fresh and different way where I explain the techniques and how to express your art on a canvas.

There’s always a reference that I paint before in less than 3 hours so everyone can replicate or do their own version.

Check out the above pictures to see how the set up is done, and how the wine tasting takes place.


Since the beginning of October I’m officially the one and only teacher of this wonderful project as leading artist!
click on the link for a full post on the lessons!

Latest artworks by Marián Ramírez Paynter✨

Starting a new series of paintings inspired by birds and awesome people that I admire.

I have just finished studying a very insightful course related to sustainability that I was thankful to be granted by Banco Santander in alliance with Cambridge Judge University.

The course was 100% online and what I most value is the chance of learning how the world is sadly being destroyed by bad practices, too much CO2 or plastic everywhere, facts that we are all aware of along with some others that we ignore as how much is water polluted by textile dyeing in countries as India or the USA, China.. basically every place where clothes are produced.

I will write a longer article about this shortly.

Here we can see a Mexican beautiful bird called Reinita Roja or Chipe rojo.

and above this text an European Robyn.

Both available * 30x30cm acrylic on canvas

Jane Goodall is such an inspiration, a woman who has worked to preserve animals, endangered species, she deserves all my respect for many reasons and that is the reason why I have decided to portray her using a beautiful picture as reference shot by Katherine Holland, who’s kindly given me permission to use it and an amazing feedback with the results 🥰.

These last few months have been quite productive, translating into the following artwork..

Latest Commissions

Flower vase III 2022




Flower vase II


Artist statement:

As a contemporary artist I believe that art should be used as a creative tool to change the world to a better place, influencing others for the better, learning from past errors and helping shape the future so we can enjoy our environment in a healthy way.

Marian Ramirez Paynter 


Art lessons available on demand, privately at my studio or at the students home. 

COVID measures include wearing masks, distance and proof of vaccination card.


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