Summer 2022

Latest artworks…✨

Maite Jatetxea, Hondarribia, Fuenterrabía #commissionedart

A very special commission for a person who loves the bar restaurant Maite in Hondarribia/Fuenterabia featured on this beautiful painting, a magical city located between San Sebastián and Irun, in the Basque Country, at the north of Spain.

Keel Billed Toucan

In between commissions I try to find my own inspiration in the animals or things I like, that create a bond with my surroundings, with people that appreciate my art and take the time and effort to invest in it.

Chalcot crescent, London #commissionedart

Chalcot Crescent, London.

40x30cm mixed media


I’m accepting commissions until the 31st of July, I’ll update this web with my latest artworks then and will be on holidays during August!

 I have been busy working on a few artworks and if you wish to see the process please check our Instagram, @payntersartclub.

Have a nice holiday!

These last few months have been quite productive, translating into the following artwork..

Latest Commissions

Flower vase II

Martin 2022

Flower vase II

Rufi. 2022

Flower vase I.

Alla Prima.


Hondarribia 2022


Jaizkibel’s forest
*available under request*
40x30cm Acrylic on Canvas

During spring 2022, I’ll be painting in a new residency in the north of Spain, in the Basque Country.

So far I’ve been doing seascapes, landscapes and a portrait of the owner of the house where I’m staying, a lady whose husband was also portrayed by the great master Eduardo Chillida.

Please check the website to see any updates all along this upcoming month!

Do check the store or email me for more info or availability.

Anna Hummingbird painting


Anna Hummingbird painting based on a picture by Marijke Janssen @hummingbirdsbysurprise, available on my store, at a starting price of 200€, bids are open. 

50% of the final price will be destined to a suitable Conservation Foundation that protects Hummingbirds, considered endangered species.

If interested please contact me at info@payntersartclub.com

Acrylic Painting that measures 30x30cm.

Artist statement:

As a contemporary artist I believe that art should be used as a creative tool to change the world to a better place, influencing others for the better, learning from past errors and helping shape the future so we can enjoy our environment in a healthy way.

Marian Ramirez Paynter 

Flysch of Zumaia by Marián Ramírez Paynter

30x40cm available for purchase via info@payntersartclub.com 

Check out my latest work for the instagram’s #foodpaintchallenge hosted by Alai Ganuza and Dennis Pfeil here 


  During 2020 I took intaglio engraving as a subject and have done a few designs inspired by that technique which nowadays is a combination of  the most creative  tool in the market known as Illustrator with another engraving tool from the sixteenth century that has survived to the present day and has been mastered by great artists like Rembrandt, Callot or Durer.

Recently I have opted for a more modern style, colourful and lively for my sketches that I draw with illustrator using an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

Painting has always been something magical to me, I love the way things shape, the challenge it means to make a blank canvas turn into something live and mesmerizing.

A true talent that only those who know me well know I possess.

Examples of handmade painting in ‘A Cordovan Courtyard’ and Procreate drawings (Blueberry pie) or Illustrator sketching (Jane Goodall).


Art lessons available on demand, privately at my studio or at the students home. 

COVID measures include wearing masks, distance and proof of vaccination card.


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